Who are we

Alpha pharma was founded in 1984 by its owner Abdulrahman Albakkar in Aleppo/Syria, it specialized in cosmetic and plastic manufacturing,
in 2014 and under the hardest circumstances the factory in Syria was closed and that was the trigger to open a new world ahead of it,
in 2014, the factory was brought to life again by its same owner, this time in Adana/Turkey.
Hundreds of products have been distributed to our old market along with a brand new market (Iraq, Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco, and many others), new brands, and effective new recipes, that would blow your mind.
As we were evolving in our old cosmetic sections (perfumes, shampoos, creams, toothpaste, cologne, glass cleaners, and others....), at the same time we were getting into new sections (serums, mouthwash, tahara musk, hyaluronic acid, and a lot of others....) using the best quality of chemical raw materials.
And as we were working on our plastic section we established a new branch with printing factory as well
38 years, despite all the difficulties we still fight to take over our place among the best factories around the world, as we believe that this is our destiny.
Finally, we encourage you to make your way through our websites, our social media, or maybe our catalogs and take your time checking out our products.
Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our agents at any time, day or night we’ll be always there for you.

Tel.Faks : +90 322 429 4135

Gsm : +90 536 453 6938

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Yeşiloba mh. 46053 Sk no: 17 Seyhan / Adana

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