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The well-known Aleppo sandstone is derived from a rock stone known by the name kaolin, kaolin has many benefits for the hair, it nourishes, stimulates, strengthens the hair, and also works as an anti-dandruff.

Sweet Heart Shampoo with Peillon offers you the final solution for dandruff cause of its components of kaolin and anti-dandruff peppermint oil, it removes dandruff from the scalp and gives people that have greasy hair the chance to enjoy a natural fine heart.

Causes of dandruff:
  combing the hair harshly that hurts the scalp could irritate dandruff so you have to choose a good comb and comb gently.
   the frequent use of hair gel, fixers, and hair creams for a long time without washing it.
   A bad diet that contains refined sugar, Ready-to-eat foods, and fatty foods that lead to peeling.
   Dryness of the skin leads to the natural infection of dandruff especially in the winter when the weather is dry and the air is cold.
   Oily skin is also one of the causes of dandruff, cause more often dandruff is formed in oily areas.

HOW TO USEput a little amount of shampoo in the palm of the hand, massage the wet hair with it, to get a better result leave it for a minute then wash it well.

Keep Away From Small Children, Avoid touching your eyes, in case you touch them wash them by water carefully,

Store it at room temperature.


12 pcs/box

 24 pcs/box

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